Advertising on Facebook?

Is your Business Manager account at risk!

Wait, what? What's Business Manager?!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then we need to talk!

Business Manager is the core platform for running your business advertising on Facebook and if it isn’t set up and secured correctly from the start you are at risk.

In an hour, I can make sure your Business Manager is correctly configured, your account is safe and that your ad accounts are correct to help deliver you results. 

Let's save time and money!

Advertising your business has become increasingly more and more complicated over the years. This is largely a good thing as it is due to the increased and enhanced functionality of the platform. However, over recent month’s I’ve come across so many businesses that have found themselves in hot water because they jumped into advertising but failed to correctly set up their Business Manager from the start.

Did you know you can be hacked and locked out of your own account, or even worse, have $1,000's stolen from your ad account details? Let alone the simple frustration of another fire to put out, costs and down time to regain access to your account.

I know, right! Plus, if you haven't activated your Pixel appropriately and linked your Google Analytics, you don't know if your ad campaigns are kicking goals; you can't calculate your ROI – This all results in wasted time and dollars!

Wait - did I lose you at Pixel?

No one likes to read the instructions, I get that… You don’t have to, I have  and that’s where I can help guide you, save you time and maximise your Facebook advertising returns.

Join me on a 1-hour Zoom where we’ll dive into your Business Manager to make sure it's done right. We'll fix what's not set-up correctly, ramp up your security and make sure you can nail your ad campaigns, retargeting, and so much more.

60 Minutes now for safety & success, saving you time and money.

This is a purely selfish package as I much prefer to get you set up right rather than having to help you navigate Facebook customer service to regain you access to your account when you are hacked, banned from advertising or even locked out of your account.

*Standard Safety Check performed during the 1-hour Zoom. If your account needs are more complex, other support packages can be purchased.

60 Minutes for Peace of Mind.

Only $195 INC GST

Let's make your social media work for you!

You had me at peace of mind